Scroll View School - Part 11: Section 1: Stack Views | Ray Wenderlich

Stacks Views are great to create layouts, but can be a pain when dealing with Auto Layout. This video will walk you through the issues.

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Hello, have a little issue. I have ran into a problem, well not a problem error wise. The issue is when its all together and i make all the constraints, take text view out of scroll view, it will end up disappearing. Then I click the code view and then back to storyboard and it reappears and allows me to connect it with the code. then other times it will disappear and not come back. There are no errors to say im doing something wrong. I need a little

@vegetarianzombie Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

@shogunkaramazov hey bud… whats issue are you having?

@lac_ekim I was just pinging Brian about your question that’s all. :]