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Screencast: Beginning C# Part 0: Introduction

Learn the basics of writing C# for Unity in this new FREE screencast series.

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I’m totally new to Unity. My question is
Is there any advantage of using C# for scripting over Javascript? Any thoughts on comparison of these two would be helpful to choose the language.
Some people may already know Javascript and it should be easier for them to learn Javascript for Unity.

Hi Vakas,

Not too long ago, Unity took a poll of the userbase to determine how many people were using the various languages. C# rated near 80%, Javascript landed just under 20%, and Boo was less than 1%. In short, the community primarily uses C# which means you’ll find the most amount of support, examples, and if you ever want to do any professional Unity work, you’ll be doing it in C#.

The thing also to consider is that Javascript in Unity isn’t true Javascript. Javascript by definition is a prototype based language whereas Unity is class based one. That one small change has tremendous implications on how you use the language. Also, everything you learn in Unity’s Javascript can’t really be applied outside of Unity which is why we recommend people start with C#.

It’s a bit harder, but hopefully, with this series, you’ll pick it up in no time. I hope that helps!

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Hi Brian,
I had the same question as Vakas. Thanks for your answer. I have learned swift over the last 6 months but will now dive into C#.

Hi Brian,

Thanks a lot for your awesome Introduction video. I am too much interested about learning Unity API. But Unfortunately I cant found any strong course on the internet. have you any Suggestion for me?

 Thank you for this an awesome tutorial series. I had learned a lot of valuable things!

Thank you very much for this tutorial series. I have just started and am learning a lot.

Hi Brian,

Thank you very much for this great and helpful video training (I’m a beginner in C# and Unity).
But unfortunately I have some issues regarding the synchronization between video and sound. The video is running faster than the sound. I’m on windows 10 an use the chrome browser watching this.

Does anyone else has this issue?

If anyone has some tipps, I will appreciate it, because in this way it is very hard to understand everthing.

Thanks in advanced.

hey vegetarianzombie, the videos can not playing in my browser, firefox, chrome, edge, how i can fix it? need your help please :slight_smile:

Are you still having the problems? We did have some playback issues not too long ago. In any case, definitely let me know. Thanks!

The video player is not showing,

We had a few hiccups, but this should be all set. Let me know if not. Thanks

I still can’t see the screencast. Can you help me to see it? thank you.

@vegetarianzombie @bdmoakley Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

This may have been a glitch in the matrix. Give it a shot now and hopefully it should work. If you don’t see it, please contact

Ok not to be a dick or anything, but this website is ass, here’s why:

  • No Auto play for next video
  • Commenting will close the video(why)
  • Closing the video won’t save progress(youtube even does this between devices)
  • No dark theme / half-retarded half-dark theme(it’s 2018, are you serious)

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, just use youtube. It has so many useful features.
Unless it’s a payed video, don’t use this site.

…man loved your youtube series 'tho. Shame you’re a snob/retarded and use this shitty site.

The feedback is useful. The editorial … not so much. I’ll pass it on to the engineering team to evaluate. Btw, I’m part of the team that built this site and I am quite proud of what we accomplished.

Hey, appreciate the free aspect of this tutorial, just a question what version of unity are you using in this?

This tutorial was probably made on Unity 5 but it should still work fine on contemporary versions of Unity.

@vegetarianzombie I can’t find where the video player is. Can you help me with that ?

Note: I am using a Desktop