SceneKit editor

First time using SceneKit editor and when following along in tutorial when create file Game.scn the view in my 3D design area is all gray. It doesn’t appear the same like shown in tutorial with more like a 3d grid. And when I do add box object it doesn’t show either. I poke around and then find in Editor/Selection/Focus selected node. This does then show box but only a white box. Nothing like shown in tutorial or other references. Appreciate any help with getting the editor to work more like referenced.

I played with it more and seems like have to hit the play button on and off, and then the Editor/Display options work or more like expected. Also when select different file and then back to Game.scn for the SceneKit editor the view is blank again. So I have to toggle on/off the play scene button. Once get used to it not a big deal but for a first time experience (user) I would think the Editor/Display/Show all would enable this besides having to toggle the play scenes button.