RxSwift v1.0 Errata

Start of the RxSwift v1.0 Errata thread!

Not sure where I should post this comment…
I was at the conference this year and I got the RxSwift book. I am trying to dive into it but I cant seem to find the source code for the tutorials.

Some people reported the link didn’t work on the day after the conference, but now should be okay - are you still experiencing this problem?

Page 118: shareReply -> shareReplay


Typing in the url : www.raywenderlich.com/store/rxswift/source-code
does not bring me to the source code. It brings me to ios 5 by tutorials.

the link is wrong in the book, the actual url is : https://www.raywenderlich.com/store/rxswift/rxswift-source-code

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Thanks, we’ll have to fix that before releasing officially the hard cover /cc @crispy8888

Page 66:

  1. … using the convenience operator for on(.completed()) …

I believe this should be on(.completed)

yup, we’ll fix that typo in the next edition, thanks!

Chapter 4, Challenge source code: no need to subscribe for the next event in the challenge source code, since the alert observable never emits next - just completes when the user presses the button.

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Thank you! I was going a bit crazy…

Page 78
Paragraph starts

You’ll start by adding a Variable<UIImage>

but the code below shows


I think the paragraph is wrong

Why is [weak self] used on Page 79 vs [unowned self]?

page 106

onNext is Nothing

First line of Page 64.

“In a similar fashion to the subscribe operators, on(.next(_:slight_smile: is how you add a”

is missing ‘)’.

Page 70.

2. Add two elements onto the subject.

“two” has to be “three”

Simple typo on p. 60: “Use Xode’s autocompletion” should be “Xcode’s”. :slight_smile:

Page 223: Am I crazy or should elementsPerSecond be named secondsPerElement?

I see the Chapter 4, challenge source code solution is subscribing for onNext which should rightfully be for onCompleted, which is missing.