RWDevCon 2017 Vault - Bundle | Ray Wenderlich

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Hi Ray,

Thanks for this informative video. I started to play around more with Perfect and Docker and really like how easy and flexible they are. I worked for 10 years for an Australian federal IT department and we spend millions every year on IBM and SAP systems which don’t offer this simplicity!

In the beginning of the video you said that you wouldn’t yet recommend this tech for enterprise businesses and service providers.

Is that only because it is new and therefore services providers/businesses may not get the support they expect? or are there other reasons?

Yep - it’s only because Server Side Swift in general is pretty new, so doesn’t have as long of a development time, library support, or community as other more established web frameworks. Usually the larger a company is, the more likely they are to want to wait for a platform to get well established before using it.

But it works, so as long as you’re OK with being on the bleeding edge feel free to use it! :]

(Btw Docker is well established and heavily used in the industry, it’s just Server Side Swift that is still in the early stages.)

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