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RWDevCon 2016 Post-Mortem

We just had our second annual tutorial conference, RWDevCon 2016. Find out how it went! :]

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Would love a longer conference! Definitely looking forward to that enhancement!

Sometime you guys should make a UX/UI Design book and get an expert to do some video tutorials. I missed the conference this year :[ but hopefully i can get the tickets before they are all sold out.

Thanks Ray and team for putting on such a wonderful conference! Glad to hear you’re making plans for a 2017 conference, I’m sure it will be a huge success.

Congratulations Ray and everyone who took part - I hope I can be there next year.

Would love to attend one year, looks fantastic!

Congratulations! I’ll be there :slightly_smiling:
Hope, we can get the 3D iOS Games and 600 page conference books soon.

Looking forward to the next year!

@rwenderlich Will conference book be able to download (free or purchase)?

Yes, we are hoping to sell a package of the conference videos + book for folks who couldn’t make it. Stay tuned!

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What is your guys next book after the 3D games one? @rwenderlich

RWDevCon was great.
Congratulations to all the team who worked hard and presented an awesome event.
See you next year.

@hafizcoder Top secret! :]

Haha ok @rwenderlich

RWDevCon iteration: how about twice a year?

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@jean-pierre That is a good idea but… putting up a conference is a lot of work.