Running Swift Algorithm solutions in playground

Was looking to do the LCS in Swift in a playground and found this:

So I cut-n-paste into a playground and it doesn’t work.

Playgrounds doesn’t like the self.

Is there a playgrounds ready version of this?

Here is the source code for lcsLength(_:); this lives in an extension on String

For example:

import UIKit

extension String {
    func dostuff() {
        print(self + " world")  //self is the String object that is calling this method

let str = "hello"

hello world

See extensions in Swift for more info.

Update: Looks like the answer posted is wrong.

It says the answer is 3 to “ABCBX” and “ABDCAB”, but my Python code says 4.

Never mind, figured it out.

Great selection of algorithms!

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