Running Bull's Eye on iPhone 6


I have just finished building the Bull’s Eye app (great tutorial by the way!) but when I try to run it on my iPhone 6 I get the error shown in the attached screenshot. I have tried running the completed app from the source code folder included in the download and I get the same error.

Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know why this is happening?

Many Thanks


Hmmm. Cant say Ive seen that before.

Did you erase the app from the simulator and try it again?

It ran fine on the simulator with no errors but for some reason it crashed instantly on my iPhone 6 :grimacing:

Try this:


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately the solutions in this topic did not fix my issue, however I did find the solution.

I was missing the following certificate:

Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority

Thanks again marciokoko!