Returning Optional For the Location in iOS Apprentice 3

if !performingReverseGeocoding {
print("*** Going to Geocode")
performingReverseGeocoding = true
geoCoder.reverseGeocodeLocation(location!, completionHandler: {placeMarkers, error in
print("*** Found placeMarker: (placeMarkers), error: (error)")

                self.lastGeocodingError = error
                if error == nil && !(placeMarkers!.isEmpty) {
                    self.placeMarker = placeMarkers!.last as CLPlacemark?
                } else {
                    self.placeMarker = nil
                self.performingReverseGeocoding = false

Not exactly sure how to correctly unwrap the placeMarkers

Nevermind I downloaded the wrong version of iOS Apprentice :expressionless: