Retrofit and Coroutines |

The old way of making network calls with Retrofit utilizes callbacks. In this course, learn how to greatly simplify Android networking code with an app that retrieves and displays a list of GitHub repositories.

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This tutorial tells us how to change a retrofit callback-style API to use coroutines, but it doesn’t cover what is meant by coroutine scope or how and why it’s used. It mentions advantages like suspension but there are no implementation details. As a mainly-iOS developer trying to understand threading using coroutines I’m afraid this tutorial doesn’t help me very much.

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I think it’s a lightweight explanation for a complex topic. I would like to get some more in deep…

That’s because this is a very focused spotlight course. It covers a single topic - updating callback style code to couroutines in Retrofit. We have an entire in-depth course on networking here: Android Networking: Fundamentals |

This is not meant to be an in depth course, it’s a spotlight course covering a single narrow topic. See my other comment for a link to an in depth course.