RESTed app - no longer available on App Store

In Server-Side Swift you recommend using the RESTed app. It appears to no longer be available in the App Store and downloading on the authors website I get the error “This app is currently not available in your country or region.” I’m in Northern California so this seems strange. Can you recommend an alternative to RESTed that runs on Big Sur 11.5.2?

Or (quite expensive)

Yes it does look like RESTed is no more unfortunately. Paw is fantastic but expensive. Postman has a free option and is always popular.

Another option is

Just got to that part of book too, with same experience. Bummer. Also, XCODE 15 just downloaded and installed so some other issues as well, like the SWIFTUI Previewer now works differently.

Yes the difficulties of change! Things will look a little different in Xcode 13 but otherwise everything should be exactly the same

I’ve been using Auxl and HTTPBot from the App Store and they’ve been great. Auxl is particularly neat in its modular node grid approach, but it might feel too foreign to some.

As an FYI I’m about to start work one an open source REST client that should hopefully fill the gap!

For what it’s worth, there’s about 3 hours left to get a free Paw license for a retweet.