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[Request tutorial]: Validation receipt local (in keychain) or remote

Hi, I’ve been going crazy with this topic for days. There are 100 thousand different things. (which only create confusion)

  • Storekit
  • Pod for the keychain
  • Pod for in-app validation (I don’t need to validate in-app purchases)
  • Apple API for verification
  • receipt -> Base64 etc.
  • sandbox

My problem is “simple”

I have published an app on the mac app store (a payment). I subsequently did this test on two of my macs (with totally different accounts)

Mac 1 -> App bought regularly.
Mac 2 -> Application received from Mac 1, via airdrop ( (I have recipe in this folder)) and fully functional (indeed it is even purchased, and the “open” button appears instead of the price.*

How can avoid this?

Is there a tutorial (also for a fee) from begin on how to do it? Whether locally through the keychain, or using a server?

The various differences etc. on which to clarify.

It would be very useful as it is only in-app purchase around as the main topic

@neo999 Do you still have issues with this?

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