Request for mobile input for all 4 game in the book

I request the book author to add in the mobile input(like virtual joystick…) for the all 4 game in the book.
As I known(if not mistaken), majority of us develop the game for mobile device and not for Windows PC and Mac OS X computer.

Thank you.

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Hi! Look at it:!/content/49843

I second the motion, I bought the book because I want to develop games on mobile not for PC and Mac. Thank you.

Hey Everyone, that’s really good to know. We focused on general platforms versus mobile specific for the book. That said, I’ll be putting together some free tutorials in the next few months to address some of mobile issues (such as touch input).

If you have a subject you’d like to be covered that isn’t covered in the book, please let me know in this thread. Thanks!

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Yup, look forward to the mobile input tuts, not really interested in web games.

Yea, looking forward to the mobile inputs tuts, too.