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Regarding Flutter Tutorials

Great initiative taken by Ray for starting Flutter Tutorials. But I’m expecting more video tutorials for Flutter app development instead of articles. It will be great if there is a learning path for Flutter as there is for iOS and Android.

We agree, we’d love to create an entire learning path of video courses for beginners to Flutter. We already have the first course (on learning Dart), and hopefully we’ll have some more for subscribers in the future!

Thanks Ray. Waiting for more Flutter App Development Tutorials.

@rwenderlich where’s the best place to post Flutter questions? There isn’t a choice in the General Discussions section. So here in Off Topic?

Hi @spgms! We’ve created a Flutter subcategory under General Discussion, for general Flutter and Dart questions. Thank you!

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AWESOME! Thanks, @macsimus.

Wanted to share with y’all this useful Flutter Sliding Tutorial Library that is going to ease the problem of structural design:

@maryna_b Thank you for sharing this - much appreciated! :]

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