Re-purchase of books due to new updates

Do I have to re purchase Apprentice in-order to receive updates. My last update was 16 September 2015. If I re purchase do I get a special discount.

Note: I have almost purchased all the books in the store. Therefore it is fair to get a discount.


Updates for the PDF versions of the books are always free. :slight_smile:

It does not show in my store that I am able to download.
It rather says bellow the books

iOS Apprentice - Tutorial 1Version 4.1 | Last Updated 16 September 2015

How can I update to the latest pdf.


Those are the latest versions of the iOS Apprentice. There was an announcement that a new version is available for the Swift Apprentice, but that is a different book. :wink:

hi I’m thinking of buying the mega pack of books but with ios10 not a million miles away will they be new books out making my purchase out of date ?

thank you

@hullchap: that depends on you, I think. If the pattern of previous years holds - and I know nothing of the team schedule -, iOS 10 will be announced at WWDC in June and released in October, and the RW team will devise tutorials to be released also in October. Speculatively, the release schedule will include iOS 10 by Tutorials (which is not a replacement to iOS 9 by Tutorials; the book for iOS 10 would just cover new features introduced with 10). There would be free updates to books whose content won’t change much (so far I don’t think Swift 3 will break The Swift Apprentice by that much), but depending on what new toys are announced at WWDC, some books might require significant revision or complete replacement (e.g. GameplayKit involved a lot of new content on ‘iOS Games by Tutorials’, resulting in ‘2D iOS and tvOS Games by Tutorials’ - but buyers of the former were offered a discount on the latter). You may get a better answer after WWDC, when we can at least be informed about whether there are new shiny things to do with watchOS or Core Animations to speculate about.

The reason why it depends on you is, assuming those books come out in October, you have five months before they happen. And so long as you can keep learning, you can adapt to any changes that come along too. And you can keep asking questions here on the forums too.