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Access our massive library of 1,500+ iOS, Swift, Android, and Kotlin video courses and screencasts for just $99/year. Our biggest discount ever!

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Just buy many books in this month begin. :sob:

renewed my yearly subscription in August… probably the last time

i have an existing subscription. trying to renew at the special rate. i’m not seeing the new price. for me the price is showing up as 178 canadian. i think thats the normal rate pro rated with whatever i have left in my existing subscription. how do I get the black friday rate?

@onceunpopularideas: I just checked and you’ve got one of our legacy monthly subscriptions which is throwing the upgrade process for a bit of a loop (thanks for hanging around with us all this time!) I have our engineering team looking into this and I’ll get back to you once we have this snag fixed, at which point I’ll let you know how to proceed. Thanks!


I have an existing subscription too. I want to save money. :wink:
Please fix the process and let me know.

My subscription just auto renewed on Nov 8. Is there anyway to apply this deal still? Kind of like a ‘top up’ to the years I have? I didn’t know it was going to auto renew until it happened anyway…

I just subscribed to the yearly subscription less than 30 days ago (on Oct 30th), and now I can’t take advantage of the black friday discount according to the FAQ. Agree with @cueball that this kind of sucks.


I have a yearly subscription to raywenderlich.com. Am I eligible for the $99/year subscription?

If your yearly subscription is ending in fewer than 31 days, then you can definitely upgrade to get the new rate. If your subscription renews more than 31 days from today, then unfortunately you aren’t eligible to upgrade to the $99/year subscription.

Hi @eric2asd @cueball @onceunpopularideas @jongwonwoo @simonqq @aurrak

I’m sorry for my delayed response here. Ray has alerted me to this forum thread and I will be reaching out to each of you directly to get each of your accounts sorted based on the specific problems you are encountering. You will be definitely be getting some help from me via email within the next 24 hours - so sorry for the wait!

If anyone else needs help with their subscription please send us a message directly to support@razeware.com to get a fast response.

Thank you so much for your help @csweigart. I am all sorted now!

Great price. Sadly, although I’d like to support, the lack of offline playback/mobile app (iPad especially) for playback kills all hype for me.
I use the BF deals to finally get the Android bundle and complete my collection of almost all RW books (besides Unity).