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Planning to purchase the mega Swift bundle, subscription to video tuts, my question is if also purchase RWDevCon 2016 Vault, will that be redundant? Instead of saying purchasing the RWCon 2016, I could purchase one more year of video tutorials for one more year? Please advise!

Awesome deals, look forward to the swift books!

I bought two books,Swift Apprentice and 3D Apple Games,I received two confirm email.But in my Loot there is only 3D Apple Games.

Hi @tianjunl, I’ve corrected your issue and responded to you via our support email. Thanks!

Hi @ioslearnr,

If I understand your question correctly, the Video Subscription and the RWDevCon 2016 Vault are two separate products - so purchasing them both wouldn’t be redundant. Thanks!

Thanks for your answer! I know these two are two separate products. Since video subscription will include topics that may have been addressed in the RW Con so I was wondering if there will be lot of overlap between the two in the terms of the content and learning value?

More interested in the video subscription so really questing if RW Con is repeat of the same topics (which is ok) but may be presented in more details and more effectively…

Is there an option to buy a physical book instead of a PDF?

Hi @ioslearnr: there is probably a bit of overlap, but there is still a lot of different content between both. Here’s a point that might help you make up your mind: we continually add and update the video tutorials under the Subscription, but the Vault 2016 content won’t ever be updated. Hope that helps!

Hi @kiri_23,

We are currently preparing print books for release but they are not available yet as part of the Black Friday sale. Thanks.

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I essentially need help in deciding whether it’s worth it to go for RWcon knowing that the content will not be updated but if it addresses the topics in may be more detailed than what’s in the video subscription for 2016…then it’s worth it. In other words I understand that come 2017, the content in the RWCon may be slightly out of date but in video subscription it won’t be.

If it makes sense to purchase RWCon in 2016 alongwith Video Subscription, I will do it…maybe looking for someone who may have seen both and help me decide…

Awesome deal, I wish they offered price adjustments for those who recently purchased the mega bundle though!!

For those on the fence I highly recommend it (:

Thanks for discount. I purchased 3 books :slight_smile:

Hey guys,
Just wondering if anyone has gone through the RWCon 2016 and compared to the video subscription, how do both of them compare? Am I better off just signing up for the video subscription since it’s going to cover everything that’s in RWCon or the RWCon has something that I won’t be able to find in the video subscription…help me decide please!! :slight_smile:

I successfully purchased some books, but when I’ve tried to purchase some more, my credit card is refused. Trying another card doesn’t help either. When I submit payment it almost immediately shows the error screen. Is there some kind of account status flag that needs to be reset? Cheers.

I have the same problem as b-bean. Yesterday I purchased iOS 7 book and when I try to purchase other books my card is refused. I tried another card but got the same result. Nothing changed today. I called to my bank and they said that it’s your issue. They see these transactions, money are written off and come back because your pay system refuse it. How can I solve this?

@ioslearnr The RWDevCon Vault has some talks we don’t have courses or screencasts on, so if you’re looking for “everything” then you might want both.

@b-bean @sestrblo If you guys are still having troubles, drop us a note here so we can help you out:

Thanks Ray. The problem seems to have resolved itself, and I have been able to purchase the remaining books I wanted. Cheers.