Randomly disappearing polygons

While following the tutorial for the Breaker game, I noticed some polygons would appear and disappear while running on device.

Loaded up the provided source in 1.1 (the final Breaker game) and it also do the same. Sometimes, it’s part of the paddle that temporarily disappears and other times, it’s the wall(s).

Attached is a screenshot where the cylinder wall on the left is gone, but the reflection remains. It seems like this is a bug in the renderer.


Hi David.

It’s not very easy to find answers to questions here, as the topics are not organised by chapter. However, this particular problem has been answered before, I’m pleased to say.

Turns out the problem is caused by copying the nodes; somehow the copied versions don’t always get rendered as they should.

Solution: Select each of the disappearing nodes in the editor. Go to the attributes inspector, and click on ‘unshare’ in the Geometry Sharing section. That should fix things.

This looks like a bug in the editor to me.

Thanks Derek, will try the fix.