[Question] how ? Or where should I run it? "(lldb) sys echo" $ (dclass -t swift) "| grep -v _ | grep" \. "| cut -d. f1 | uniq | wc -l (Page 28 Line 16)

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The following is part of the book.
Page 28 … Line 14 ~ … !!
When run from the following command lldb
There is no sys command.
how ? Or where should I run it?
“(lldb) sys echo” $ (dclass -t swift) “| grep -v _ | grep” . "| cut -d. f1 | uniq | wc -l

Breaking this command down, the dclass -t swift command is a custom LLDB command that will dump all classes known to the process that are Swift classes. The sys command will allow you to execute commands like you were in Terminal, but anything in the $ () will get evaluated fi rst via LLDB. From there, it’s a matter of manipulating the output of all the Swift classes given by the dclass command.

Swift class naming will typically have the form ModuleName.ClassName where the module is the framework that the class is implemented in. The rest of the command does the following: "


@lolgrep Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

The sys command can be found here: https://github.com/DerekSelander/LLDB

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