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Dear, @chrisrazeware

I believe attached material for this section of the course is missing.
Great tutorial by the way. Perfect pace and rich in concept explanation.
Nice job

@juno thanks for the note! I’ll follow up with the video team on the missing materials. And thank you for your kind comments!

Hey @juno, sorry for the inconvenience here - the materials should now be there for this video :]

cc @chrisrazeware

“I believe someone needs to double read the instructions in many files, some of them have many typos and in this challenge it says
print(”*", terminator="")

when it should say

print("*", terminator:"")

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Yes, what’s the point of these comments if no one at Wenderlich is fixing the typos? I also have a comment in the Optionals episode that has gone unanswered for days.

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Hi folks, thanks for your comments. We’re working to get these typos and questions answered as quickly as we can, but being a small company we sometimes can’t get things answered as quickly as we really should. I’ll be going through any outstanding comments and typos and getting the updated files uploaded this week. Hopefully you’re finding value in the course! Thanks again for your comment, and don’t hesitate to drop more notes if you find anything else that needs to be corrected.

The attached file still has the typo in there.

(terminator= should be terminator:)

Great course btw!

Hey folks, the video team let me know that the typo has been corrected and the updated materials added to this video. Thanks again!

Thanks Chris, but it’s only fixed in the materials for episode 25. The materials for episode 17, where all Playground files from the Control Flow section are combined in a single file, it’s still terminator with = instead of :

@chrisrazeware Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

The typo print("*", terminator="") is still there in challenge 1 of episode 9

Here is my solution with just two lines

let daysOfTheWeek: [String] = [“Sunday”, “Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”]


for days in 1…<daysOfTheWeek.count where daysOfTheWeek[days] != “Saturday”{



I was going to report the same thing, also i will be ok if this let the new developer to figure out what is the bug. it wasn’t hard to find the solution anyway.

Hello everyone. Ijust work through this section and the only thing that threw me off was the “terminator” in the last part. I was under the impression of terminator = instead of terminaor:

Hi @corey: Yes, unfortunately the first version of these materials (and the ones used in the video) had a typo in the comments section which had = instead of :. Glad you worked through it, good job on that!

Hi all!
Have a different solution for the Challenge 3:

let daysOfTheWeek: [String] = [“Sunday”, “Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”]

for day in daysOfTheWeek {
if day == “Sunday” || day == “Saturday” {

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Clever! Thanks. The one difference here between the implementations is that if there were any entries beyond Saturday in the collection, your code would carry on and print the rest, where the original solution would exit the loop and ignore any further entries. But your code definitely fits the solution!

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