Programming in Swift: Functions and Types |

<p>Gain a deeper understanding of functions, practice using closures, and build your skills with named types.</p>

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How do i download all the course mataerials at once instead of per episode

You need to download once per section!

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Tons of great information in this section but it feels extremely overwhelming. Do most folks “get it” on the first pass through this? I felt like the target App was fairly easy to complete, the Fundamentals section made total sense, the CheckList app was a little trickier to follow along but this one is pure overload.

Hi! Thanks for your question.

There is a lot of information in this course! I would say it’s probably normal not to get all of this in one pass. I definitely wouldn’t expect anyone to be able to remember all of this the first time.

I think the main difference between this course and the Swift fundamentals course, is that in this one I was aiming to give folks a lot of practice writing Swift, but also prepare them to read and use Apple’s frameworks as they get back into building apps.

Maybe think of this one as a survey course to expose you to concepts to explore again later, as you need them. I’ve come back to watch the episodes on initializers and inheritance myself when I couldn’t remember specific rules.

All of that should probably go somewhere in the course intro and conclusion :]

That makes me feel much better about this, lots of little rules and tricks for sure. I should mention, you definitely explain it all really well, and I am enjoying the material.


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@erikb42 Really glad you like it! Cheers! :]

Hi. Any tips on what to do if the playground runs forever? I downloaded the begin file but haven’t been able to get it to actually complete running.

@ofthetans Do you still have issues with this?

I’m sorry. my English is not so good to follow along without pauses while I’m watching this course, and I realized that I had lost an adequate understanding of what happens after the topic with the switch statement. every challenge is impossible to pass without teachers solution. what should I do? start from the beginning?
its so hard to understand foreign language and still try to learn info from it tho=((