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Hey Catie,
Great course!
I Just wanted to give some feedback. I wish that future courses could be taught with Xcode IDE being on dark mode. I love going through ray wenderlich courses but I find that the ones that aren’t taught in dark mode really strain my eyes and seem to give me headaches. Alright thanks!

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Hi! Glad to hear you like the course :]

And thanks for the feedback! Our policy right now is “Dark or Light mode is fine as long as the text is big enough”. (Personally, I agree with you and prefer dark mode.)

I loved this course! Catie’s methods and video presence are awesome and helpful for my learning style.
Many of my questions and confusions from the 2nd iOS app course got cleared up here.

BTW. I do not like dark mode. It strains my eyes.


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Phew! That was a long course. I’ve learned a lot and I now feel more capable to tinker with Swift and its capabilities. Thank you!

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Excellent course! Thank-you.

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