Professional Development Seminars 2022, Episode 3: Demystifying Product Management for Developers & Teams: Aaron Douglas |

Flexing your dev skills as you build out new and innovative product features can be a lot of fun — until you find yourself confused as to the “why” behind a particular feature request. You know there’s a product roadmap, but it’s not always clear how product managers create those roadmaps, or how they prioritize product features. Developers like you can bridge that gap with an understanding of the product management and product development process, which is what you’ll cover in this seminar. Discover the fundamental aspects and lingo of product management, how high-level plans feed into product development, and more! Whether you’re working with a recognized product management solution, or getting by with a lean development process, these product management fundamentals will help you improve as a busy, multitasking developer. In this talk you’ll learn: The terminology behind product management and the specific outputs of the product management process How to build empathy for your customers, and how that leads to better software How you, as a developer, can contribute to the product management process, no matter your role

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