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Problem deploying to AWS

I’m a novice with this stuff so sorry for asking what maybe should be obvious.

I have successfully deployed to Heroku and Docker (well, sort of with Heroku, I have problems with image uploads), but AWS I am having problems with. I’ve went through the chapter line by line twice and still end up with issues.

When I try to start the server manually (I think this is how you run it manually) by typing /home/ubuntu/cookbookapi/.build/release/Run in the terminal I get:

[ NOTICE ] Server starting on and nothing more following this (Which I think means success?)

However when I go to the endpoint of my database from Postman and try to interact with the API I am unsuccessful.

I’ve triple checked the vapor-til.service (for me its cookbook.service) and vapor-til.conf and everything matches. When checking systemctl status -l cookbook.service I get:

**cookbook.service Main process exited, code=dumped, status=4/ILL**
**cookbook.service: Failed with result 'core-dump'.**

Let me know if having access to my GitHub would be helpful (it’s private at the moment), but at least we know Heroku and Docker deployments were successful with the current code. My app doesn’t really stray from the TIL project, other then that I skipped the web app portion of the book.

What do the logs say? Is there anything above that? I’m guessing it doesn’t have the necessary environment variables needed to start up