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I hope the next three books that I will put on the bookshelf of the raywenderlich collection will be about iOS without storyboard, functional programming and performance.

But look like all of books on the survey are very important. Developers are required to learn all.

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Maybe not a book, but I’d love a screencasts on custom loading animations.

Why ask you to vote when the vote has just closed?

I would love a book about audio programming. Also all about MIDI.
Let’s say a tutorial, how to program a synthesizer.
That would be great!

Even though the poll is closed could we still get a list of what was voted on here so that those of us that missed the vote can see?

A book about CloudKit and how to write algorithms to synchronise data between the iPad iPhone and Mac version of the user data and persist that locally on core data. And also on how to manage the CloudKit data from a Vapor server.

I really like the conscept of learning by books instead of videos. Videoes are great for small snippets. When I use books for learning I really can conslntrate on the work and I get more knowledge out of it. Vidoes are easy to see, but soon forgotten.

Do you have a book about iOS developement in Swift covering all the basics?

@norcoder Please check out our iOS Apprentice book when you get a chance:


I hope it helps!

Cryptography with Swift