Please can someone help: UITouches and layered SKNodes

I posted in Swift a few weeks ago trying to get this problem working in UIKit and it proved impossible; so I moved to SprikeKit.

I have this stack question that no one has helped with.


I have 7 layers of irregular shaped png’s on top of each other. I need to layer then from smallest on top to biggest on the bottom. I need to have the user able to touch and drag each graphic independently, and not have the touches detect on the fully transparent areas.

I’ve paired the app down to just two layers; one that is semi-transparent on top of a fully non-transparent layer The top layer is only touchable when the touch occurs on the -Y -X axes. The other 3 axes then the other image underneath it is always touched… and I have no idea why.

They are all centred on 0,0, and all display correctly. I’m just so lost and don’t know how to progress.

@annemarie1185 Do you still have issues with this?

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