Parsing JSON Using Swift | Ray Wenderlich

In this video, you'll learn how to parse JSON files into Swift using native methods.

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Please subtitles thanks

Great tutorial. Thanks.
I think that you are preparing another tutorial related to parse JSON information using third party frameworks. In my case I have used SwiftyJSON and ObjectMapper (both can be found in GitHub) which can be included in the project creating a suitable pod file (see the corresponding section in GitHub for more info).

I got the downloaded materials and Brian’s screencast files are different. Didn’t get a Sources directory. Am I missing something here?

Sorry, we work with playgrounds so much, we sometimes forget to tell you some logistics.

A playground window is a normal Xcode window, and Brian’s is set up to show the toolbar (Xcode\View\Show Toolbar) and the project navigator (command-1).

Every playground has Sources and Resources folders.

Hope this helps!

note: Luke explains this in his tutorial