Parsing JSON Using Gloss | Ray Wenderlich

In this screencast, you'll learn to parse JSON using the Gloss library.

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It would have been really helpful, if there was a course on Localization. Is there any such course in your road map?

How is it different from SwiftyJson ?

i have the same question. It isn’t neccessary!

Please subtitles thanks

SwiftyJSON is a JSON parsing framework and it is really old in comparison to Gloss. Gloss on the other hand os an object mapper. That is different.

SwiftyJSON was one of the earliest projects to help Swift developers deal with JSON. Compared to more recent projects, SwiftyJSON is verbose and error prone. It doesn’t take advantage of Swift’s type system to enable safety, error handling, and expressive code.

We found that working with gloss makes code most readable and it has the following Pro’s:

Automatic enum support
JSON serialization AND deserialization
Widely supported
There are other frameworks like Mapper and Marshal. Mapper is a powerful, clean and fast mapping framework but we decided against it since it isn’t able to map objects back to JSON. Marshal is the best alternative to Gloss since it additionally supports Throwable Initializers and Compile-Time Type Safety.