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Paid Subscription won't let me watch paid videos


I purchased the monthly subscription so I could watch the videos and have access to the paid content, but every time I try to watch a video it tells me to subscribe. So when I click on my account it tells me I’ve already subscribed. It deducted money from my account and it says I’m a subscriber but when I try to watch a video it tells me I must subscribe. I’m in an endless loop of not being able to access content whilst it tells me I’m a subscriber. I’ve sent emails to Ray Wenderlich and but so far i’ve been ignored :frowning:


@raywenderlich, @shogunkaramazov I do have the same issue. Can you please help us resolve this issue ?


I have this issue also.

I paid, but I can’t access content. :-/


@jake2020 @muralim88 @gt1993 Sorry for the inconvenience here :frowning: This should now be fixed on all of your accounts - you should have received an email confirming this from


I am having the same issue bought the subscription about 2 hours ago


Hi @jmonaco98, I’ve just checked your account, it should be working now. Apologies for the inconvenience :frowning:


Thank you @katiecollins I am now able to access the video content.


I just bought a year subscription and still do not have access to the videos. I’ve tried to contact support but have yet to receive a reply from anyone.

update: Resolved


@unipheas Glad you sorted it out! Cheers! :]