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Out of the box errors building starter project for chapter 2

I installed Realm and RealmSwift as directed. I ran the pod install in the starter project and opened XCode with the MyToDo.xcworkspace. Trying to build I get 3 errors:
:-1: No account for team “SPN35K2MR2”. Add a new account in the Accounts preference pane or verify that your accounts have valid credentials. (in target ‘MyToDo’)
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:-1: No profiles for ‘com.razeware.MyToDo’ were found: Xcode couldn’t find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching ‘com.razeware.MyToDo’. (in target ‘MyToDo’)

The 3rd error is RealSwift is not a module.

I was able to address the first (first two?) issues by changing Project.MyToDo.General.Team to my name. Then it started to compile but then a popup asked “codesign wants to access key “access” in your keychain.” which has a place to enter a Password:. There is no clue what this is for. Perhaps someone wants access to my computer to peruse all my private files and get access to all my bank accounts. Anyway, I hit Deny until I figure out what this is.

The issue about “codesign wants to access key” was resolved by switching to a simulator in the scheme editor for the project. I don’t know if it was set to a real device because of the generated workspace or because I had my iPhone connected to a usb port of my computer for charging.
Regardless of the causes - RayWenderlich should test their tutorials on a system that is not connected to their internal development environment and not make defaults based on assumptions about what devices are available.

@clarryr Do you still have issues with this?