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Our 2000th Tutorial: Reflections and the Next 1000

We’ve just crossed the 2000th tutorial threshold at Learn where it all started, and help us imagine where we should go from here!

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Congratulation the team for reaching such a significant milestone ! You guys are truly amazing. I love your quality tutorials, especially books and videos
I started following this site about 3 years ago but not until recently that I wanted to seriously focus on learning iOS development
I would love to see more machine learning, AI, VR, AR in the next 1000 tutorials

Congrats on reaching 2000 Tutorials. I’m not a subscriber, but have completed loads of free tutorials. Since Swift and iOS are constantly changing, some of your tutorials are out of date and need updating. I think that as well as making new tutorial series, it’s important for the overall quality of to maintain tutorials and update them to current Swift/iOS requirements. ( I hope you don’t take this comment as a criticism, but as an encouragement to make even more awesome ). Anyway congrats, have a great Sunday everyone and keep up the great work !

Congratulations Rey’s Team for crossing the 2000 numbers of great Tutorials !!

I love all the tutorials and Way of explanations of your tutorials. Looking forward to learn about more on Machine learning & Server side working using the Swift Language .

Best of luck Team for an another 1000 :smile:

A big congratulation and round of applaud for the tutorial team.
I would love see some tutorials on BlockChain

I agree, pawan! I’d love to learn how to interface iOS apps with Ethereum. There doesn’t seem to be easy way to do it at this point, but there are some who have done it! I’ve been looking into learning just how to read data from the blockchain in general (without running my own node; Infura to the rescue!) Tutorials on this topic would be fantastic!