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Oscar checklist Chapter 11

All of images have changed from displaying size: 450x675 to just a square shape. Anyone else experience that, and know why it happened?
I find that Interface Builder is quite buggy and really messes with constraints, so putting existing elements into other stack views and controllers must have messed with the sizes?

Images don’t seem to load for me in the Oscar checklist app. Is this what you mean by the square shape?:

Seems the same with other same code, like Chapter 11 Final:

The images seem to exist at the URLs in the Plist, so not sure what the problem is just yet…

Thanks for pointing this out @johnroodt & @kevcol… I’m not exactly sure why those images won’t load anymore. Like you said they still exist at the URL… In the next version of the book I’m bundling the images with the code so that this isn’t an issue in the future if say the URL changes. Networking isn’t the important part of these chapters, so mocking data should work out better.

The website is apparently blocking requests based on User-Agent. In MovieService.swift, in getImageFromMovie(), change urlRequest to a var and add this:

urlRequest.setValue("", forHTTPHeaderField: "User-Agent")