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Ordered the wrong book


I have ordered the wrong book/pdf how do I contact sales. The one I have is not at a beginner level and is way over my head… I have deleted it as I do not understand a thing in it.

Book I bought was iOS Animations by Tutorial.

I think the one I need is the Swift Apprentice (not sure)



@csweigart Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]


Would someone like to help me? Anybody?


Hi @smacewan and sorry for the delayed response! All our PDF books are refundable up to 30 days, so I have issued a full refund for you. You should receive it shortly. If you have any additional questions/concerns, you can always reach out to me directly at

Sounds like either The iOS Apprentice or The Swift Apprentice should be a better fit for what you need. You can find out more about these two books on those store pages:

iOS Apprentice - for beginners to learn how to build iOS apps:


Swift Apprentice - for beginners and focuses on learning the Swift language:

Hope that helps you find what you need. :]


Thank you, I will purchase the Swift Apprentice to take me on my journey.

Thanks again… Steve…


Just purchased the iOS Apprentice… Now my app creating journey can begin…
Thanks to all who helped put me on the right track…