Open source iOS apps

Hi, I just want to ask about open source terms for the apps I created by following instructions in the iOS Apprentice book. I only want to show to my potential employer any apps that I have been working on, including these. Do I need to obtain an approval from someone in order to do this or is this permanently forbidden?


I’ve just checked the latest PDF copies of the iOS Apprentice. There’s a section on page 2 of all the books spelling out the licence and what you can and can’t do with the source code.

Showing your potential employer apps you’ve constructed from tutorials is probably okay, so long as you acknowledge they came from a tutorial, and don’t distribute the code from the books as if it were your own. I’m hoping you mean to show your potential employer either that you’re learning a skill (if just following the tutorial) or are creative (if showing off some new feature you’ve added to the code from the book).

Hi, yes I only want to let the employer know that I have touched upon iOS programming and can certainly work comfortably with Swift. I definitely don’t plan to distribute as if it were my own or plagiarise anything. And yes, attribution to the book will certainly be included in all files.