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Open Call for Video Tutorial Suggestions!


Blender. I’m going through your excellent unity tutorials and would love to know about how use blender better or at all :joy:


That’s a great idea, and is on our wishlist! :smiley:


I’d like to see more beginner to intermediate level tutorials on AudioKit.


More advanced swift, such as algorithms, sorting etc.


Hi Ray,

It would be great to have a tutorial on how to use NFC tags with iOS, as a lot of the information out there on this topic on other websites is outdated and/or unclear.

Many thanks



@james.rimmer Thank you for your suggestion - much appreciated! I will forward it to the tutorial team. Thanks again!

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I bought some of your Books, their are fantastic i love them.
I am interested in Core Graphic and Core Animation for the Mac OS please make
a Book about it i would be super happy, thank you.

Best Regards


@reto Thank you for your suggestion - much appreciated! I will forward it to the book team.


Classical games from scratch for iOS. Games like tetris, snake, brick breaker, chess or pac-man. As known, they referred as the milestones of programming. And because of their hype, it potentially would be one of the popular courses of yours.


@tssr Thank you for your suggestion - much appreciated! I will forward it to the tutorial team.


I was follow this topic ( and search for data transition between view controllers. But I did not find anything about which I am searching. In the link of tutorial must have data passing from first screen to third screen. It is so confusing thing for beginners. Add to cart button clicked and data passed to CartVC or CheckoutVC then payment screen.


Hi Ray,
I would love to see some programming foundation courses in Kotlin. Some of them are:

  1. Practical Design patterns
  2. Data structure and Algorithms
  3. Effective Kotlin(Includes best practices and dont’s)
    Some video courses on Android side:
  4. ARcore for native Android developers
  5. Machine Learning using Tensorflow Lite
  6. Vulkan for Android Developers
  7. Memory leaks and profiling
  8. Best practices and Anti Patterns in Android development
  9. Dependency Injection using Dagger 2
  10. Clean Architecture in Android
  11. NDK for Android developers
  12. Devops for Mobile Developers
  13. Securing Android apps

Integrating social media login like facebook, LinkedIn etc to an iOS app.


Thanks @sagarsuri! Some of these are in our pipeline already, and the others we will certainly try to add in the near future. Thank you for the ideas!

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@sagarsuri @abhie Thank you for your suggestions - much appreciated! I will forward them to the video team. Thanks again!

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Please make videos or articles on AVFoundation and most specifically on Custom Composition like an AVCustomEdit with multiple video support