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Open Call For Applications: Apple Game Frameworks Authors and Tech Editors

Do you like making games with any of Apple’s Game Frameworks, like Sprite Kit, Scene Kit, GameplayKit or Metal? Have you read 2D iOS & tvOS Games by Tutorials or 3D iOS Games by Tutorials? Do you think zombies are wildly fantastic? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may have […]

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are all possible applicants chosen ?
or are there still chances we get invited ?


Applicants have not been chosen yet. If you submitted an application, great! You’ll hear from me within the next few days. If not… you still have time. =]

well, i entered with the wrong email address
i entered with
but this account was hacked a 2 days ago
do i enter a new application ?
or can i just send you my new email ?

you can check its me by looking at the apps i selected as my best work
the 3D maze because it was my first 3D game
and the dungeon keeper because it was my first multi platform

also, my name in the App Store is the same as the one i used here
kristof verbeeck

do all applicants get a reply ?
or do you only send an email to the chosen one’s ?

Due to the overwhelming number of submissions, I’m only able to respond to some. If you didn’t receive a response, please do not be discouraged. Continue to keep an eye out on our site for future opportunities. A ‘no’ today isn’t a ‘no’ forever.

true, one no doesn’t mean no the next time
but after 6 times no, im safely going to assume it will be no the 7th time :slight_smile:

Oh, please don’t assume that. Many greats have taken their time getting recognized. When you’re ready, and when the opportunity is right, it’ll happen. Sometimes, the impossible just takes a little longer. =]