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OnTrigger not firing on Alien when colliding with Marine Or Bullet

For some reason, my Alien game object instance is not being destroyed whenever I collide with the SpaceMarine, or bullet fired. I have “isTriggered” checked on the sphere collider component attached to the alien prefab. I’m not sure what’s going wrong. Been stuck for a while. Feels like the issue is something simple, but I’m lost.

Could you check your layer collision matrix under physics manager

Thx for responding. I was actually just able to fix it. I just keep going through the step in the tutorial. I’m not actually sure what I did wrong tbh LOL. I went of the steps like 5 times. I must have had something clicked incorrectly. Kind of sucks because I was just going to skip ahead and use one of the starter projects, but those don’t show correctly in Unity (marine falling through floor, environment not colored, etc.). Anyways, I got through it in the end. Thx for the assistance.

@awicks44 Do you still have issues with this?