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Oculus Go Overview

At this year’s F8 developer conference, Facebook made a bit of a splash. Their long-awaited VR headset — Oculus Go — was released to the public for an affordable price of $199.99. In one stroke, Oculus Go addressed all of the issues that I’ve previously had with other VR headsets: This new headset has the […]

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fwiw, think “signing” is no longer needed for O-GO (as was the case for GearVR). : ) Cheers!

That’s good to know - I’ll have to run some tests. They made me jump through many hoops to get it working .

Sorry to bother you but I am starting to buid VR for Oculus Go and Unity and I would need to get some help to create some features for its controller( for example motion and Laser Pointer and gamepad), for it, Could you advice me where I could get some tutorial about this topic? Thanks for your time

I have yet to do any work involving the pointer - your best bet is to head over to the Oculus developer site and start checking out the documentation. Also, give their forums a whirl. People are pretty helpful over there. Thanks!

Hi Again
First thanks for your fast answer.
On the other hand, I would like to say you that I am a Oculus Start program member and I sent this topic to him and they answered me the following

We cannot provide guidance your specific use case which requires custom coding and we do not have any documentation beyond what is available on our developer portal:

We encourage you to seek out third-party SDKs that may help you with your use case.

Now I added a post in Unity Forum to see if anybody can help me with that…

Finally and since that there are not any Linkedin Oculus Go Developer Group, I just to create it.
If you desire add to it, please see here
Thanks anyway for your help !!!
Best Regards