"-[NSView hitTest:]" breakpoint not working properly

In Xcode 8.3.2 the first breakpoint in the book: "-[NSView hitTest:]" will not work properly. It will always stop, even when not clicking anything on this process:

<_NSThemeCloseWidget: 0x10e856f10>

This is true, regardless of the app launched. Using Slack, the process is <NSThemeFrame: 0x105c79e20> and the error the same.

So it seems HitTest is always stopping on the Theme view instead of the actual app view?

This is on Sierra 10.12.4

Thanks @kakubei,

I’ll probably need to rewrite that one to go after a different NSView breakpoint so it doesn’t stop at the wrong time. For now, one can keep the Terminal window in front of Xcode so it’s always the first responder then cmd + click on Xcode to pass through the first responder (term) to Xcode.

It only seems to work with Xcode 8 (not 9), so make sure you select your Xcode 8 app via: sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer

Yep, Chapter 1 will require a rewrite w/ Xcode 9. Xcode 9 is using a bit of Swift so I’ll likely talk about Xcode’s IDEPegasusSourceEditor (responsible for one of the editor views in Xcode) module when dbg v2 comes out