Notifictation of Book Updates

When is the next update to the eBook and how do I check if I’m registered to receive the notification?

Was yesterday! Existing purchasers should get an email when it’s released

I’m assuming I’ll be receiving a link to update my eBook.

Yes you should do. You can also visit the store page and download it from there:

Strange this is the first time I never actually got an email about this. Glad to see the update :slight_smile:

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Hi Tim, It seems a long time ago since the last update in june when the expected release date was spring. How are things going and when can we expect a new update for the book?

Hi @boersma, the book is finished! It’s with the team readying it for publishing and release now so should be out in a week or so

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Hi @0xtim, very nice, I’am looking forward to the publishing date :grin:

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Hi, That’s great. I really love this tutorial and looking forward to the finished version.

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