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No toc in pdf v1.1


Hi, there seems to be no table of contents in the v1.1 of the pdf (tried to read with PDF Expert and OS X preview) - in v1.0 there was…
kind regards, Sascha

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Hi @bitcrawler, if you go to page 5 of the PDF (v1.1) there should be a table of contents. I tried this myself, downloaded v.1.1 as a PDF and opened the book with the OS X Preview. It should appear right after the About the author and About the editors.



Hi @gdelarosa, thank you for your message.
What I mean - I’m missing the top for navigation in the pdf, like in other lovely books from Ray Wenderlich.
It must be generated while generating the whole pdf. If not, there will be no toc for navigation as you can see in the screenshot. For my opinion this navigation is very useful for orientation while reading the book.
Best, Sascha


@bitcrawler Usually all books have a toc generated automatically and that makes navigating around the book very easy. Unfortunately a new version of the tool we’re using to generate the toc has been having issues so for this book update we disabled the toc and we’ll re-add this in the next release when we resolve the issues with the toc tool :+1:t3:


Hi is this fixed yet? My swift IOS apprentice book doesn’t have TOC in preview.


Hi, we have found a solution for this, the next version of your book will have a TOC