No such module 'shared'


I’m stuck with this error below in ch1.

I did every solution in other website, but still getting errors.
Do I miss something?

That is usually caused by not building in Intellij.

So you mean, I need to use Intellij instead of Android studio?

No. Either one works. Just make sure you build there before going into xcode

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I did build on emulator in android studio first, though.
So I got bunch of files on build folder.

Do I need anything more?
I’m still learning Android studio and Kotlin, so if I miss something, please let me know.

That should work. I would next check to make sure Xcode has a reference to the “shared” library. Do a search in Xcode

It seems to have shared library on pods.

The search result is like this.

A couple of comments:

  1. You shouldn’t need to run the app from xcode. You can run it from Android Studio
  2. Have you tried running the final project? (Try that first)

I downloaded the latest version of Android Studio (Chipmunk) and tested it on the final project. Everything went well.
I would do this and if it works, it means you probably missed something in building your app.
Compare the two projects and see what is different.

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