New photo-sharing app - full source code

(Hopefully this is an acceptable place to post this)

Hi guys, just wanted to let everybody know that we’ve put up source code for a complete iOS photo-sharing app (Instagram-like) on Github: and we also wrote a nice long step-by-step for how to customize it for your own purposes:

(The app itself is also released to the app store as ‘Share Pictures’)

We’d LOVE any and all feedback on this (app or tutorial) and of course it would be even more supercool if people start adding functionality to the Github repository.

Let us know what you think!

Cool. Will take a look. Where are the images being stored? How much does the SDK cost if fully used / deployed?

Images are stored on AWS so pretty bulletproof. The service for image-storing is totally free for now (unless you get to some ridiculous million-image level). The goal here is that even a fairly novice coder can grab the source code, do a bit of UI work to target a specific audience, and have a released app in the app store with, like, an afternoon’s work. Would love to get some feedback from anybody that tries it out!