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New Games By Tutorials book?

I’m just wondering why the iOS Games by Tutorials books are not being updated to Swift 5.1?
Also, are there any new books coming out that focus on game creation? iOS Games was a great book but it wasn’t listed as one of the books to be updated to Swift 5.1 and so I was hoping that maybe that is because RazeWare has plans for a brand new book. Like more GamePlay Kit tutorials?

Are my hopes correct?


It was mentioned during the 4.2 update that iOS Games by Tutorials would no longer be updated.

That said, while SpriteKit is, admittedly, niche, it’s loveably niche – and I think it actually has a decent shot at continuing to thrive alongside some of the more advanced tools out there. All of that is to say that I’d absolutely purchase any new RW books covering SpriteKit, GameplayKit, or combinations of the two :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you for the link. It makes sense from a business perspective if that’s the consensus from their customers. It’s unfortunate that Ray started out focusing so much on Apple game development and has admitted to giving up on it completely.

I hope some other company will fill the shoes they left open.

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