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New Course: Server Side Swift with Kitura

Learn how to use a Kitura HTTP API, a mobile application using KituraKit, and a web frontend using KituraStencil to make an application called EmojiJournal.

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Hello I have installed your Couch etc for this project a number of times and finally seem to have got it working. Firstly there was an error I was unable to fix in Xcode. (had a couple of fatals on install) So I did it again. Then I had a problem in that Xcode couldn’t find LoggerAPI.
Completed a OSX upgrade and now it works.
I was wondering though if you could tell me what to do to clean up this install, ie. uninstall all Couch et al, so I could do it again with a bit more understanding of what has happened and why I might have had the problems I had.
Hope you can help me
Thanks and best regards.

Hi @frednrks - sorry you had some issues as you were getting going!!

A couple of questions:

  • did you use homebrew to install couchDB?
  • what version of macOS are you running now that it works?
  • what version of Xcode are you running now?
  • what version of Swift are you running?

Keep in mind that if you want some more real-time help, you can always join us on and get help from anyone on the team, as well as myself!!