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New Course: Mastering Git

Take the solid foundation laid by the Beginning Git course, and build upon it. Focus on fixing real-world problems, as you take a multi-user Git repository and work through the final steps of releasing a software product.

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Very Excited about the mastering git Course! Thanks. I loved your other video courses as well.

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That’s very kind of you to say—I hope it lives up to your expectations :smiley:


I wish there was one video about modules

Hi @omoratin,

Sorry I wasn’t able to fit submodules into this course. It was something I’d have liked to cover, but it just wasn’t possible to fit it all in.

Have you watched Brian’s screencast about dependency management with submodules? It might give you just the information you need to help you out:


It’s minor, but the “magic” square in the first video isn’t really magic - the diagonals don’t add up to 34.

You’d have thought that I would check that carefully… :frowning:

Apologies—I’ll see whether I can get those slides fixed.