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New Course: Beginning Metal

Check out our new course on Beginning Metal, which teaches you how to get started with Metal, Apple's low-level GPU access API. Covers the 3D graphics pipeline, shaders, lighting, matrix transformations, and even making a simple 3D game engine!

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Thanks so much, I was looking forward to learning more about metal, perfect timing.

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YES :slight_smile: … This year Christmas eve for me is Today with this course as presents from RW & Co and Caroline :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Looking forward to giving this a go, but I think the projects in the materials for video 2 are in the wrong folders. The final project looks like it should be the challenge project, while the challenge project looks like the complete project.

@hammerhead - I hope you enjoy the course.

I think the naming convention may be confusing. final means final as at the end of the video demo and challenge means at the end of the challenge document.

If you’re not doing the challenge, you’ll use the project in the challenge folder for the start of the next video.

So final is not quite as final as it sounds.

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Ah OK, thanks for clarifying.