New App Launch - - Obliterates Emails While Streamlining Website Communication With Clients & Dev Teams

Hey guys - we recently launched a new app The Bug Squasher that annotates, reports and tracks website bugs.

It’s meant for people who work on websites regularly and are looking for a way to streamline communication with their client(s) and team.

It’s not pricy to use - starting at $29.99/month but like everyone else we love deals so here is a little exclusive promo code: “SquashIt” for 20% off that expires end of the month.

We hope you guys check it out, it has a ton of backend features to play with and discover and during our beta testing reduced time spent digging through emails, reporting and closing tickets.

Happy Squashing,

-The Bug Squasher Team

PS. Here’s a little fun video about it - The Bug Squasher - Promo Video

Congratulations and keep up the good work! :]

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Thanks! Let us know if you end up trying the tool out love to hear your thoughts.

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