Networking with URLSession - Part 1: Introduction | Ray Wenderlich

Find out what’s covered in our video course Networking with URLSession.

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excited about this update! Audrey’s explanation of Concurrency and Multithreading was awesome, and now NSURLSession!

thanks Edward! I hope you learn lots; I certainly did!

A note about response time: it’s Tue night in Vancouver, and I’m about to board a train, arriving in Toronto on Saturday. There’s no wifi on the train, so I won’t be answering forum questions for the next few days, unless I can grab some bandwidth during stops at big-city stations.

This tutorials don’t have script.
Please, check it again.

Hey @audrey,

You didn’t mention anything about caching responses. Could you point to a good resource for handling cache. thanks!

Subtitles? They appear in Chrome but not in Safari

I mention caching policy in the URLSession video

This is a super-useful course, and I always enjoy Audrey’s presentation style. I especially like how you always touch upon best-practices and advice to make our apps more maintainable, safe and robust! Many tutorials online completely disregard that part… Great job! :+1:

I have a question though: I could not find a control button to enable captions anywhere? Am I being blind, or are they really missing? If so, is there a plan to add captions to the videos?

Thanks, and keep up the awesome job!

Use Chrome. There’s some bug that breaks captions in Safari

Hi Audrey, I am using Chrome (latest version Version 57.0.2987.110 (64-bit), but the subtitles/captions don’t seem to be available… I also tested the video with Firefox, but no subtitles. (Of course I’m on a macOS…, don’t have a Win machine :slight_smile: )

A couple of months ago, I took your other course “iOS Concurrency”. And I verified those videos to see if they have subtitles. So, yes, the subtitles are available in your “iOS Concurrency” course. Possibly, something got lost in translation when publishing this course?

Chrome also dosen’t have subtitles.
Please, check it again.

Tutorials not to have subtitle may not have “track…” tag.
Please, check it again.

Based on what @klarheit and I have discovered, perhaps there might be a small bug some place with the way this course has been published.

If the fix is not easy, maybe separate video transcript files could be added to all the 13 sessions as Downloadable Materials. As far as I’m concerned, that would be perfect. But either way, subtitles/captions (or transcripts) are truly useful and much needed.

Audrey, as you mentioned in your prior post, you are traveling on a :train:, so your access to internet is limited. That’s understood. So if/when you are able to read these comments, maybe you could get in touch with somebody else at RW team who could help you fix the subtitle issue.

It would be greatly appreciated.

thanks @realliverobot and @klarheit! I’ve forwarded this message to Sam Davies, who overhauled the site recently. So yes, something might’ve fallen off.

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@realliverobot & @klarheit

Apologies for the lack of subtitles on these videos. All videos in this series now have subtitles attached.

You might experience a playback issue in Safari—this is a known issue that doesn’t occur in Safari Technology Preview. If the problem persists when the next version of Safari drops then we’ll spend more time getting to the bottom of it. Until then, you’ll have a great playback experience through Chrome.

Hope that helps


Thanks for your comment, @samdavies, @audrey, and @realliverobot.

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Awesome! Thank you so much for the rapid response, and the fix. Keep up the wonderful work that you all do. RW team productions remain the most awesome source of learning anywhere of new software technologies. Thanks for your dedication and commitment. :beers:

Thank you Audrey, you are an amazing lecturer and have made this topic much easier to understand while I write my first app in Swift. You are also an Aussie like me. :relaxed:

Hi Audrey,

Thank you for your excellent presentations. I always learn from these video courses.

This url session course is quite sophisticated but you make it understandable by your detailed step-by-step style of teaching.