Nested container animation in spritekit tutorial request

could I see some sample code or a tutorial explaining how to make, let’s say, an SKShapeNode of let’s say a hollow box, with let’s say a ball inside, that would obey physics as one object inside another, so if you hit the box with an impulse, or shake it around, for example, that the ball inside would bounce around? maybe show how to make a rattle? or liquid in a box that obeys physics, with the liquid sloshing around in the box, as it bounces around in its scene? could the ball getting an impulse move the box that contains it?

can we nest by more than two levels? for example a big box, with a smaller sized circle inside, that has a bunch of little circles in there?

I haven’t seen any stuff like this and i’ve been fiddling around in sprite kit to do it, but i haven’t made progress…